What we do

We focus on social upliftment through using and integrating design and innovative thinking and education as the primary tools that can be applied across a variety of industries for economic empowerment, social and environmental sustainability – taking care of the triple bottom line. 


The importance and added value of integrating design thinking across industries has never been this evident.
In society the role of the designer has changed dramatically and it is not good enough anymore to design yet another luxury item for an exclusive few.



For us it is about finding and creating as many ways possible to empower the youth to become the entrepreneurs and innovators of tomorrow who will eventually produce products, systems and environments that are more sustainable and that can make an impact and be life improving to most and not only to a selected few.



We believe in doing a needs audit and analysis, thorough investigation, a solid designed process that can contextualise the real social and environmental context, to inform a well structured design brief. Connecting the dots by identifying the most fitting experts from a variety of fields is what we do best.



Our passion and focus to design a better world through educating and empowering as many as possible, is what drives and motivates us. Continuously developing our own perceptual skills, empathy and sensory awareness to the world at large allows us to reflect on, and review ideas and solutions with sincerity.

Meet the team

The Rock City Foundation team specializes in design education with a special focus on using creative thinking and activities to develop vital life skills for children, students and adults.
Suné Stassen

Twitter: @sunestassen
Linkedin: Suné Stassen

Founder and Creative Director of Rock City Foundation and RC Events, Suné Stassen is a designer and entrepreneur at heart and a creative consultant, project and events manager, design education specialist, curriculum advisor and content developer by choice.

Suné taught design for more than 15 years and contributed to the development of the current national design curriculum in an advisory capacity. She has published extensively and was also the contributing editor of the three nationally approved design textbooks, produced for design at secondary school/level. She was also the project manager of the Loeries Creative Future Scholarship since its inception in 2008 and a former board member of DEFSA (Design Education Forum South Africa).

Suné was the original concept and content developer of the Woolworths “Making the Difference Through Design” (MTDTD) programme which was acknowledged as a finalist in the 2009 INDEX: Design to Improve Life®,  the world’s biggest design award.

She is the former editor of the biannual online publication Design>Ed; was an assistant researcher for the WDC2014 bid and served on the advisory committee for the development of the Western Cape Provincial Innovation policy. She has also contributed to the initial development phase of the Western Cape Design Strategy.

Suné is currently involved with a number of initiatives such as serving on the SABS Design Institute’s Panel of Design Experts; a project partner of MoDILA’s ACE Programmeis the founder and principal investigator of LIVE DESIGN TOURS and Design Transform Life Edu Bus, both approved WDC2014 projects. She is also the Festival and Programme Director of the Open Design Cape Town Festival.

Vikki du Preez

Blog: Six Design Hats

Vikki du Preez is a design theory and history lecturer, focusing on design evolution and theories that influence modern design practice. She is a tenured member of staff at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. She has a Masters in Design and a Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education and Training. Her interest in the user experience and service design fields has resulted in a number of international research projects. As an avid advocate of service design, she consults and develops practical frameworks for the development of services and the use of service design methods in research and the traditional design process. She has collaborated on two design textbooks and has presented at numerous design and education conference. Her blog, Six Design Hats, reflects her interest and exploration of design examples and ideas.

Vikki is a Principal Investigator of the Design Transform Life Edu Bus, an approved WDC2014 project. She is also a member of the “My Dream World project”, a collaboration between Finland and South Africa that focus on empowering youth to be agents of change in their personal lives and their communities. In an academic capacity she is an active member of the User-Centred Design for Innovative Services and Applications (UFISA) network which facilitates the development of joint education between universities in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Finland.