The INDEX:awards is the biggest design award in the world

“Inspiring, Educating and Engaging people in designing sustainable solutions to global challenges” – INDEX:award 

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A Quick Intro

Officially launched in 2006 in the Western Cape, “Making the Difference Through Design”  supports all educators and learners of design at a high school level. In 2007 the programme was introduced in KZN and Gauteng, reaching 400 schools nationally – a conservative average of 18 000 kids were exposed to the world of design. In 2005 we developed a resource manual of more than 80 case studies of SA designers representing most if not all design disciplines. With more than 600 pages, this colourful manual is still a valuable resource in the design classroom that also aims to develop pride in SA products, create local role models and give the youth a chance to learn from the best SA has to offer. The annual high school design competition was more than just a competition. The design brief was carefully written and acted as an educational tool to teach the educator more about writing design briefs and to the kids more about the design process and ways of interpreting a design brief.

In 2009 the MTDTD programme was nominated and eventually a finalist in the 2009 INDEX awards.

Woolworths “Making The Difference Through Design” Programme

This is a way to establish collaborations between the corporate, private, and educational sectors with a priority focus on developing, and growing a better South Africa for all through design education.

“The project is a unique design and educational program because of its focus on development at grades 10-12, ages 16-18. This strategy is firmly developed around the belief that design education at a young age will not only develop designers for the future but could also develop design-literate citizens and discerning consumers of good design, as well as top-quality entrepreneurs and creators of products, services, systems, processes, and environments,”said the team behind the design.

“This early development as a focus is believed to be critical and much needed to develop a future and high-quality workforce that could contribute greatly to the future developments of a country like South Africa in many areas of expertise.”

Designed by: 
Suné Stassen (concept & content developer); Design Education Specialist and Activist, South Africa.

Aditional credits: 
Penny Luthi (Woolworths, marketing and events manager; South Africa); Okuhle Media (project coordination).

Sappi & Design Indaba.


Finalist in the INDEX: awards “Design to improve Life”