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Rock City feels really proud to be a part of this super team of creative individuals that steer Open Design Festival into new design waters. Rock City is responsible for content development and programme management of the Open Design CT festival as well as the production and events management of the festival. More about Rock City Events 

More about the OD CT festival

The Open Design Cape Town Festival was launched in 2013, supported by the Cape Craft and Design Institute (CCDI) in partnership with the Cape Town Design Network (CTDN), the Western Cape Furniture Initiative (WCFI) and the City of Cape Town (CoCT).

The event was conceived as an annual cross-disciplinary citywide event that creates an educational, informative, inclusive and collaborative platform, which galvanises Cape Town’s creative communities and the public to raise awareness of, and an increased appreciation for, design by all. By sharing design we invite the whole of Cape Town and beyond to take pride and take part in an industry that not only builds our economy but also transforms lives.

By showcasing and debating a range of relevant design topics and projects, the first and second edition of this eleven-day festival demonstrated how design spans a wide range of disciplines and sectors. The Open Design Cape Town programme features curated exhibitions, performances, seminars, demonstrations, workshops, launches and open studios. Each event was created to share the transformative power of design by talking about it, reflecting on it and engaging with it.

The success of the second event in 2014 has placed the Open Design Cape Town Festival firmly on the Mother City’s event calendar. The Open Design Cape Town Festival is an official World Design Capital 2014 (WDC2014) anchor event and is sponsored by the City of Cape Town, WDC2014 and the SABS Design Institute.

Opening design to everyone

Open Design Cape Town is a grassroots movement designed to open up the multifaceted nature of design in a way that is accessible and inspiring for everyone, even if they are not directly involved in a design discipline. It is also a call to action for the design community to share their creative skills and to help solve some of South Africa’s and Africa’s most pressing social issues.

We believe that to be truly open about design and innovation means to include, share, educate and empower all who want to participate. Because we are working towards building a more sustainable future, the ability to successfully collaborate and share knowledge becomes a key building block towards realising this future.

We believe that design is inclusive, integrated and engaging. This applies to the micro sense of design as an expression of creativity and a tool for education, and to a macro sense, in which an appreciation of design is applied by design literate citizens to all aspects of society. In this sense, design can be built into procurement processes, information sharing and system design to help develop cities and nations in which good quality design is fully accessible. We as designers and design thinkers need to share our craft and engage others in this process.

Open Design Cape Town creates an inclusive platform that brings together all design disciplines and does away with the exclusive stigma associated with design. The varied programme encourages design practitioners, managers, media, educators, students and members of the public to share design, innovation and entrepreneurial concepts with each other – and particularly with young people. Sharing these concepts facilitates the development of a future generation of designers, innovators, entrepreneurs, doers and thinkers.


The key to ensuring ongoing and enriching dialogues is the commitment to sharing knowledge and collaborating with other organisations, countries and individuals that can add value, bringing their expertise and experiences to the various conversations before, during and after the Open Design Cape Town Festival. This stimulates great opportunities for invaluable collaborations and networking not only across disciplines, but also across borders and between developing and first world countries.

The Open Design Cape Town Festival will continue to showcase and develop platforms that will add value and credibility to design, as a way to honour the WDC2014 tagline Live Design. Transform Life.

Open Design CT Website

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