World Design Capital 2014    #WDC254

The Design Transform Lives Edu project will take design to the people, especially kids. Using design thinking and creative activities as the fundamental tools, this interactive environment and content will be carefully designed to educate and create new experiences that will also teach them vital life skills from preschool level to secondary level. We want to educate and empower the leaders of tomorrow to make informed decisions in the future. For the older kids we want to open their eyes to the world with design and develop a newly found interest in the powerful use of design and design thinking. This project is about educating and empowering the youth to become the entrepreneurs and innovators of tomorrow who will eventually be the future inventors of sustainable products, systems and environments and that can make an impact and be life-improving to more than a select few.

The project will have different phases of development: 

FIRST PHASE is to develop educational content for the ECD level that will be packaged as a creative / designed toolkit / game for each school / community where we will introduce this exciting new project. We will train the trainer and caregivers that are working in the early childhood development (ECD) space. It is our vision that each school / community centre will take ownership of their own “toolkit” and continue the training of vital life skills using creative activities as the tools to do so.

Design Transform Life Education Bus (in conceptual phase)