Design Grade 10 by Future Managers Pty Ltd

Design Grade 10, published in 2009 “The first ever full colour Design textbook designed for design by designers” 

“Our country, South Africa, desperately needs to employ people in a variety of industries who can think creatively, solve problems and be innovative and original with their ideas. In short, all competitive business requires creative thinkers,”  Suné Stassen

Published by Future Managers, the Grades 10 – 12 Design textbooks completed the trilogy that has been approved by the National Department of Education and are included on the official national textbook catalogue for the subject design.

All three textbooks are CAPS compliant and are available from Future Managers

Teachers manuals for grades 10 – 12 are also available

Feedback from the National Department of Education

VALUES – excellent
The text is appropriate for learners in a diverse society and promotes social transformation.

• All of the text is suitable for South African learners in diverse school contexts.
• All of the text is presented in a manner that:
o demonstrates an appreciation of cultural and racial diversity
o provides positive gender representation
o shows an appreciation of indigenous knowledge systems
o shows an appreciation of environmental sustainability.


• All activities are well-thought through, clear, unambiguous activities
• and addresses all cognitive levels
• A variety of activities that is sufficient for daily class work practice and assessment that
address content and skills.
• All activities are well scaffolded, paced and structured (e.g. from easy to complex)
• All activities are engaging and enable learners to consolidate content, concepts and skills and
stimulate critical thinking.
• All of the text is well written in a language that is relevant and appropriate for the grade.
• All of the text is presented in a manner that:
o is relevant to South African learners of this age group
o provides understanding and clear insight appropriate for the age group that will enable the learner
to acquire and apply sufficient vocabulary and knowledge relevant to the subject