A flagship programme of MoDILA
Project partners: Rock City Foundation and Tsiba
Sponsored by Department of Arts & Culture

Developing a curriculum for teenagers that can teach them a combination of leadership, business skills, entrepreneurship, design and conceptual thinking skills is a pretty exciting way of teaching. Besides being a project partner, Rock City Foundation was responsible for developing the curriculum that teaches design and conceptual thinking skills as well as the design and production of the ACE game which is used as an interactive tool to teach them basic skills like communication and people skills, problem solving and strategic thinking, storytelling and much much more.

MoDILA’s Flagship Programme ACE emerges from the need to link learners across highly disparate backgrounds, as a means of emphasizing solidarity, social cohesion and social awareness amongst their originating communities. The legacy of Apartheid has left Cape Town and South Africa with social divides perpetuated by the designed isolation of communities geographically, contributing to unequal access and service delivery. Instead, MoDILA argues that a knowledge and awareness of democratic design is an important means to linking people and promoting their human and constitutional rights. ACE aims to bridge the post-Apartheid divide by combining learners across a diversity of ages and social status’ in a programme of workshops requiring team work, reflectivity and awareness.

Accordingly, ACE is an educational platform created to inspire youth (14-19 years) with creative potential to transform themselves and the world around them using leadership, entrepreneurial and design skills. This vulnerable demographic is a key part of unlocking future talent in the creative and entrepreneurial economy. With chronic unemployment amongst the youth and a poor entrepreneurial culture as compared to global competitors, ACE offers a tangible foothold in the creative economy for future generations by drawing adolescents from different class groups and various locations across Cape Town into workshops that reinforce social cohesion.

The Flagship Programme aims to bridge social, economic and creative divides between privileged and previously disadvantaged adolescents, by connecting selected learners from disparate backgrounds in a programme equipping them with leadership, entrepreneurial, design and creative skills, and access to mentors and industry opportunities.

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