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Why Tours?

How can one highlight the real values and impact of design and innovation to a much wider audience and develop design literate citizens of the world?

While exploring Cape Town and its surrounds, these tours are uniquely designed experiences that highlight how ordinary people use creative thinking to bring about change that impacts on social, environmental and economic development.

Live Design Tours is for the conscious traveler and will influence how people see and engage with design in their lives.

More about the tours

“To see Cape Town and surrounds through a design lens while having the time of your life, these customized tours are the ticket. Turning a niche market into something more widely accessible, Rock City introduces LIVE DESIGN TOURS. This is a selection of some of the best the Cape Peninsula has to offer the world. In combination with local and cultural experiences, these bespoke design tours will increase your awareness and knowledge about the vital role of design as change maker, transformer, innovator and enabler. This is how the people of the most southern tip of Africa use their creativity, innovation and skills to improve life and create change.”

One of our most popular routes is our Woodstock Lifestyle tour. There are a variety of tour options and you can even opt for an “architecture or public art route” of the city by bicycle or on foot.

We also offer special Live Design Tours for schools that’s aligned with their design curriculum. The kids and the educators love these outings because their subject design becomes alive. Life orientation teachers also find these tours really valuable.

So give us a call or send us a mail for more information. To book any of the tours contact ATG (Africa Travel Group) on / Tel: 021 – 712 6055 / Office Hours:  Mon-Fri 08:00 – 17:00.

*Group rates on request

Live Design Tours
Live Design Tours Live Design Tours Live Design Tours